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By Nick Dumont

Welcome to The ELCTRC, a new publication sparking music to life through creative visualizations and modern web design.

Have you noticed how music is characterized by an aesthetic? Songs are illustrated through album art and music videos. Artists craft a persona through their fashion, logos, dance moves, and onstage sets.

Why can't music coverage possess the same visual flair and imagination?

The ELCTRC aims to inspire and immerse as much as the artists themselves when we write about their music.

Our name celebrates the electricity inside us. Not necessarily how many volts are coursing through our brains and bodies, but rather the immeasurable energy:

The kinetic chemistry we feel dancing with the one we love, two bodies orchestrating in harmony.

The resuscitative jolt an uptempo beat provides on a down day, warming our body when it's reluctant to move.

The thrilling surge that overwhelms us when we listen to our favorite track, powering us to run, to work, to live.

These moments that animate our everyday existence are catalyzed by music.

The ELCTRC believes writing and reading about music can deliver the same sensations.

We'll post reviews, features, and monthly playlists, covering eclectic genres and artists. Have a question or suggestion? Email us.

Follow along on our social media channels, listed below. We look forward to enjoying this sonic journey with you.